St. Simons Island Resorts Vs. Vacation Rentals

A view from one of the St. Simons Island resortsHospitality is vital part of the culture of St. Simons Island. As such, the industry has expanded into resorts and vacation rental properties, in order to give visitors the full breadth of all that the island has to offer. Each type of vacation dwelling has its own perks and downsides; here, we aim to give you an insider’s perspective to assist you in making an informed decision when choosing where to stay. Read on to learn more about the differences between resorts and rentals in St. Simons Island, GA!

St. Simons Island Resorts

You may be more familiar with a resort setting than with a vacation rental environment. St. Simons resorts certainly have their benefits, especially if you choose to spend more money on your vacation and go with a high-end resort. All-inclusive resorts, in particular, make booking a room quick and convenient. They usually have a vast array of amenities, from bars in the resort to upgraded electronics, to full-service spas and seamless maintenance and upkeep.

They’re also self-contained, meaning that you rarely need to travel more than a few steps outside of your room to find clubs, bars, or restaurants. St. Simons resorts literally provide for every facet of your vacation experience, without requiring any effort on your part beyond payment.

Vacation Homes and Condo Rentals on St. Simons Island, GA

Alternatively, rentals in St. Simons Island, GA provide an experience that differs from a resort. Booking a vacation rental may be a little slower if you’re going directly through a property owner (as opposed to working with a vacation rental agency) than you might be used to from a resort.

Rental properties also do not offer quite the same variety of amenities available from a resort, though they often still have individual features such as a private pool, a gated community, beach access, upgraded appliances, and great views.

It’s true that when you rent, there aren’t any staff on hand to clean the place or get you the things you need; you would have to go shopping in town for items and food, much like a local would. In fact, vacation rentals provide a completely immersive local experience. Being located in residential settings means that you can’t help but exploring your surrounding area, which means that you can find hidden gems like quaint restaurants or cool boutiques that you might not otherwise have learned about staying elsewhere.

Renting a house or condo also means that you can pay a flat rate for much more space than you would receive at a resort, without paying for multiple rooms. Properties on St. Simons can have upwards of three to five rooms, which can be perfect for vacations with family and friends. The spaces in a rental property are homey without giving you a sense of intruding on someone else’s life. Instead, the homes and condos here have character and add to your overall experience.

Ultimately, the Choice is Yours

Your vacation experience is dependent on your personal preferences—those small details that add up to make an extraordinary trip that you’ll remember forever, whether it’s a better room, a better view, or something that you can’t quite put your finger on. No matter where you stay on St. Simons Island, you’re sure to have a great time!