St. Simons Island Restaurants

food-salad-healthy-lunchWhen surveyed, 9 out of 10 people agree that the number one vacation activity is dining out. Sadly, even with all of Saint Simons’ activities, the statistic holds true. But it’s no wonder, everyone enjoys being pampered and having someone else fix, serve and clean up after tops the list of ways to be spoiled! If you’re in the area you’ve come to the right spot, the restaurants in Saint Simons Island take their meals…and your satisfaction…very seriously. From the first bite to the last taste you will find yourself wishing it were possible to bring these St. Simon Island restaurants home with you at the end of your vacation.

Saint Simon Breakfast Restaurants

Every good Southern mama always teaches their children that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and these Saint Simons Island restaurants surely have heeded their mother’s words! Speaking of Mamas, Sweet Mama’s at 98 Retreat Village Road offers a tasty treat we haven’t found anywhere else…pork pops! Consisting of cheese, bacon and sausage all mixed up in a biscuit, you buy them by the sack full and pop them in your mouth as needed! One of the other restaurants in Saint Simons Island known for it’s breakfast is the Cafe Frederica. This winner of the best breakfast in 2015 showcases the look of a delicatessen and the  the taste of good old fashioned southern cookin’. We recommend their sausage gravy, and remember… all vacation food has little to no calories. It has something to do with the time space continuum and harmonic convergence; confusing, but true…trust us!

Lunch and Dinner Restaurants in Saint Simons Island

Now, from this point on, it’s going to be all about St. Simon Island’s seafood restaurants, since you know ALL those land lubbers are going to be seriously jones-ing for some fresh fish, shrimp and crab! Lucky for you, Saint Simons has the best! Since 1954, Bennies Red Barn has been pleasing the pickiest of palates with their heavenly seafood platters and if you are 21 and older you must try Bennies famous Racoon cocktail; the best tasting adult milkshake in existence! For fresh seafood with a unique twist, Georgia Sea Grill and wine bar serves creative dishes such as Snapper cakes over house made spätzle and Georgia shrimp and grits…with a side of live piano music! And finally, for those of you with a hankering for the taste of crab, may we suggest Crabdaddy’s Seafood Grill? Open evenings only, Crabdaddy’s has the artists touch with crab…crab soup, soft shelled blue crab, crabcakes…this restaurant is a portrait of good tastes!

SSIRentals cordially invites you…

To sample the best Paradise has to offer with the finest in cuisine! We truly believe that out of all St. Simons activities available to you, you are going to vote with the majority and proclaim dining out your favorite! lives here…and eats here…but we aren’t greedy, we are willing to share our favorite St. Simon Island restaurants with you! No one goes hungry on St. Simons Island…don’t forget the dessert!