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The Best St. Simons Shopping Spots for You

When it comes right down to it, St. Simons Island may just about be the perfect spot for any vacationer seeking paradise, offering beaches and sunny days, friendly residents who have never met a stranger, peaceful moments of happiness, and finally, a shopping mecca designed to please even the pickiest of shoppers. And because we know that the best vacations include lots of moments meant for more than window shopping, we are providing this list of the best St. Simons shopping spots for all our guests. Just remember to pack light when heading to paradise; you’ll want plenty of room left in your suitcase to carry back all your treasures!

Pane in the Glass, 1219 Ocean Boulevard

While magnets and coffee mugs are perfectly respectable gifts for some people, you are destined for greater treasures, and a stained-glass souvenir from this charming spot is exactly what you are looking for! Featuring colorful beach scenes and our favorite lighthouse, amongst many other unique designs, the family or friends you left behind will feel the love when you bring back a gift from Pane in the Glass.

Frederica Station, 209 Mallery Street

Even with your superior shopping skills, sometimes you still want that special magnet, coffee cup, or tee shirt that tells the world you’ve traveled, and Frederica Station is where to go to get these items when on St. Simons Island. Colorful, spacious, and bright, if you can’t find the perfect souvenir here, you must not be trying hard enough, because this specialty shop has it all!

Two Friends, 295 Redfern Village

Sometimes it’s the names that draw you inside, sometimes it’s the window displays that invite you to take a peek, and sometimes it can be both; Two Friends is the perfect example of the latter. Specializing in women’s accessories and home décor, this cute and casual spot has fast become a favorite of locals and tourists alike for a complete St. Simons Shopping experience.

Island Dog, 410 Mallery Street and Other St Simons Shopping Venues

Whether you are traveling with your favorite fur baby or you had to leave him at home with grandma, this sweet store will show your pet how special you think he is! Perfect for replenishing supplies you are short on and offering cute gifts that will make your pooch the belle of the ball, Island Dog is our favorite store for spoiling our pets and will soon be yours as well!

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