Starting the New Year St. Simon’s Island Style

The southern states often made popular winter homes for the wealthy merchants of colonial America—come to Georgia’s Golden Isles and discover the same charm that brought them back year after year!

Find a Souvenir

The new year St. Simons Island is a perfect time to go find a souvenir! Pick up a small something, like a clothing accessory or an end table decoration, and you’ll have something to represent the hopes of the new year. Think of it like a purchase to start fresh—with this little trinket, you’ll have something to remind you of the beginning of 2018 and of the optimism you feel going forward. Or, find some of our antique shops and pick up something that will remind you of years long, long ago!

Get in Touch with the Past

Speaking of the past, an island community as old as St. Simon’s is bound to have a few hidden treasures around. Check out Oglethorpe Antiques or 1610 Frederica for a very special souvenir! As we begin 2018, it’s worth reflecting on the past we leave behind. If this year blurred by and the future has come too quickly, why not take a piece of the past home with you? Antiques can be both practical and decorative, and the flip of the calendar is a great time to get one.

Go for a Skate

A signature experience is the ice skating scene on Jekyll Island, located oceanfront and situated just south of the Holiday Inn Resort. The event runs all the way through the 7th of January. It’s a perfect chance to have fun with the family and skate into a new chapter of your lives! The skating hours go until 9:pm daily.

Have a Fancy Meal

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort, along with Echo St. Simons, is a great place to feast. Prices vary from about $55 to $80; with food and music provided, all you need to do is bring some great company! If you want in on this, call them at 912-268-5967 to reserve your place.

A History of Relaxation, That’s the New Year St Simons Island Style

Like the merchants of old, you can spend your winters on St. Simon’s Island, too. Get a rental property with SSI Rentals and you’ll have a little slice of paradise to come back to year after happy new year. Call us at 912-289-5880 to enjoy your spot in the sun!