Storytelling for All Ages


Getting told a story has never been as inviting to adults as now, with the Saint Simon’s Island Storytelling Festival. Of course, stories are told every day through movies, music, and media of all types, but this event returns to the art of classic verbal storytelling, where they narrator has you on the edge of your seat.

This idea was birthed when the Director of Epworth by the Sea, Donna Chrisholm, was talking with a full time story teller. This conversation awakens Chisholm to how wondrous story telling can be, and she noticed she had the perfect location to host her own story telling event.

The Details

The 3 day event runs February 5th to 7th, on St. Simons Island.  Friday is an evening only session where patrons and storytellers will get warmed up, Saturday is a full schedule with 10am to 9pm slotted with all kinds of tales, and Sunday wraps up with a morning worship session conducted by one of the story tellers. Registration is open, and a $100 ticket will get you into all the activities!
The talent is top notch, including Donald Davis, Carmen Dreedy, Andy Irwin, and Bil Lepp. If you know the names, then you already know this event is impossible to pass up.

The Story Artists

Donald Davis called the dean of storytelling, and with good reason, he was once the Chairperson for the National Storytelling Association and told tales at the Smithsonian Institute and the World’s Fair, among others. The grand master of stories is well respected for his history, and even has experience as a Methodist minister and radio host.  The stories of Davis won’t be rants, but curated tales woven to draw you in.

Carmen Dreedy has a respectable history of storytelling venues, including National Public Radio and the Kennedy Center. In addition to this, she also writes for young adults and her works appear in Spanish and English, meaning her story telling ability is cross cultural.

Bil Lepp, dubbed a “Champion liar of tall tales and witty stories”. This means Lepp is great at making a tall tale so you won’t be falling asleep; however these aren’t the ramblings of a crazy man, as Lepp likes to incorporate moral truths.  Having been featured 13 times at the National Story Telling Festival, Lepp is sure to please.

Last and not least is  Andy Irwin is a self-professed as having an inner-kid. His tales are fun and mixed with humor that’s not afraid to return to spirit of being a kid – and isn’t returning to being a kid again a freedom desired by all? Irwin has several award CDs  himself and experienced at making his story telling rounds as well.

A Story For You

Just reading about the talent will get you excited and transport you to memories of mom and dad bedside, tucking you in and telling you a good night tale.  Young and old alike should check out Saint Simon’s Island Storytelling Festival, it’s sure to be a blast.