Thanksgiving on St. Simons Island

stockvault-thanksgiving-dinner108275When you think of your typical Thanksgiving, what is the first thought that comes to mind?  Weeks of cleaning and preparation, baking and cooking late into the night and then waking up to bake and cook some more?  Do you remember the time the electricity went out for over 3 hours while your turkey was baking and you had to throw it out and run to Walmart to buy a ham instead?  And finally, do you think about how it takes 15 minutes to eat the meal and another 24 hours to clean up?  We want you to take a second now…sit back, close your eyes and start imagining what Thanksgiving could be like if you spent it on St. Simons Island.

The Weather

Right off the bat, we have to mention the weather.  Do you live in a state where you never know from year to year, will it be snowing, will it be raining, will there be record highs or record lows?  On St. Simons Island, the average high ranges from 65-75 degrees as the high and 50-63 degrees as the low.  And sunny…it’s pretty much always sunny on the Island…can’t get much better than that!  For those of you in the northern states, can you imagine spending your Thanksgiving getting a tan as you walk the beaches in peace and tranquility?

The Meal

Thanksgiving is a time for being thankful and feeling blessed for all you have…including that gigantic Thanksgiving Meal where you always eat way too much and want a nap soon after!  Thanksgiving on St. Simons Island can be spent being thankful that you don’t have to do all that work!  And why should you when you can spend your Thanksgiving meal at the King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort, being pampered and spoiled with an amazing dinner like no other?  In addition to the Turkey Carving Station and the Southern Fried Chicken, why not sample their Crab Cake Station, their whole roasted stuffed salmon station or even their Brown Butter Sautéed Bay Scallop & Grit station?  (You are in the beautiful Deep South, by the way!)   Want a Thanksgiving brunch?  The King and Prince also features an omelet & egg station and a Belgian waffle station!   The side dishes are all traditional, with everything from sweet potato pie, to yummy stuffing and cranberry sauce, while the desserts are a party in your mouth!  (May we recommend the Pumpkin Pie with Pumpkin Ganache?)  Eat your fill and then head to your (clean) vacation rental for a nap and the game, should football be your thing.  And then end your day with a walk on a moonlit beach…starting to feel thankful yet?

The Island at Thanksgiving

St. Simons Island is always beautiful and never more so than during the holidays.  Maybe the water is a little too chilly to do more than dip your toes in, but walking along the shore, smelling the salt air, hearing the slap of the water against the sand brings peace…and joy…and an overwhelming sensation that all is wonderful in your world.  Isn’t that a great way to start your holiday season?  Speaking of holiday season, if you’re still on the Island Thanksgiving weekend, you can’t skip the tree lighting ceremonies in Brunswick, on November 27th and The Jekyll Island Christmas Tree Lighting Festival on November 28th…Santa will be waiting for you!