Flip flops on the shore of beaches in st simons island

The Most Beautiful Parks and Beaches in St. Simons Island

You will find a variety of outdoor activities and attractions around St. Simons Island during your next stay. The temperature is always perfect, allowing you and your family to spend countless hours outdoors anytime during the year. Such a temperate location allows for beautiful parks to thrive on the island. Here is where you can find beautiful parks to visit on St. Simons Island:

Wesley Memorial and Gardens

You can enjoy incredible sights while learning about the rich history surrounding John and Charles Wesley and the Wesley Memorial and Gardens. You will find well maintained trails for amazing hiking that starts right by Christ Church. Finding the entrance might be a little difficult, so make sure to look it up online before heading that way!

Cannon’s Point Preserve

Enjoy one of the last intact maritime forests at Cannon’s Point Preserve. This peninsula features incredible terrain, including salt marsh, river shoreline, and tidal creeks which are home to a variety of wildlife. You can easily find oysters, shellfish, various fish and birds, and even manatees at certain points during the year. The ruins of an 1800s plantation home are also available for view. Cannon’s Point Preserve is only open to the public Saturdays through Mondays from 9:00am to 3:00pm, so plan accordingly.

Massengale Park

If you are looking for a spacious park to relax at with your family, look no further than Massengale Park. While the other listed parks are vast gardens and preserves, Massengale Park is what you’d expect to find in a city. This local park is beautifully kept and features kid-friendly activities such as a playground and picnic area. The park is located right off the beach with a beautiful shoreline. Wash off after your swim with the onsite showers and restrooms. A visit to Massengale Park is best enjoyed on a sunny day as you relax below the old growth oak trees.

East Beach

Enjoy a peaceful visit to East Beach, one of the most gorgeous looking beaches in St Simons Island found on the island. You will not find a commercial beach with trash cans everywhere, but instead a litter-free and quiet shoreline. You will not find a better place to enjoy a romantic sunset with a loved one.

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