The Sweetest Treats on St. Simons Island


You first came here for the unspoiled beaches, the luxurious vacation homes, the famed Southern hospitality that envelopes you like a warm hug, and all of these things still draw you back time after time; but deep in your heart you know – the real reason you can’t stay away from island life is the desserts!

It started out innocently enough on your first trip to St. Simons; the sun was shining brightly in the sky, the temps were warm, and your kids were clamoring for ice cream.  After asking around (thank you knowledgeable staff at!) it was suggested you visit Moo Cow Cream, and the rest was history – sweet, delicious history.  Each visit back to this island paradise was a chance to sample some new Southern goodness and of course you had to revisit your old favorites.  What if Smallcakes had added a new cake? What if Sweet Mama’s was thinking about discontinuing Sonnie’s Delight?  How would she know what a terrible mistake that would be if you weren’t there to convince them?

By your 3rd visit, you had begun to realize it was too late for you, but you could do a community service and ask us to develop a list of heavenly sweet places that the good people of the world should avoid at all costs – for their own welfare, of course – a request we gladly agreed to, because we are good like that!

  • Moo Cow Cream – With sinful flavors like candied bacon, cinnamon buttermilk, and the devilish and oh so addictive chocolate pinot noir, Moo Cow Cream in Pier Village might just be the number one dessert place to avoid in St. Simons – but more research is needed, so we will get back to you on this one.
  • Simons Sweets – It’s places like this that feed on dessert addicts like us – did you know they serve something called Peanut Butter Bliss? Fudge in all flavors, Grandmother Jones’ apple cake, lemon bars –  the list of addictive confectionary treasures is almost more than we can bear.  Is THIS the top shop to avoid?  Can’t be sure yet – we haven’t sampled enough of their divinity.
  • Sweet Mama’s – This agent of dessert madness tricked us into thinking it was just a regular restaurant serving amazing breakfast pork pops (we could write an entire story on the pork pops, but this is about desserts only!). Until one day we looked at the people next to us, and on their plate we saw what we now know is called Sonnie’s Delight.  Fudge on top, cream cheese in the middle and rich chocolate cake on the bottom – Sweet Mama’s is definitely a contender for the avoid at all costs list, but we still can’t be sure; further research is definitely required!
  • Smallcakes – This is going to be our last entry to the list; not because there aren’t any more dessert places to avoid visiting during your stay on the enchanting St. Simons Island, but because we are getting really hungry and we think we haven’t spent enough time researching this important matter! The cupcakes served at this wicked patisserie truly deserve the title of number 1 pastry establishment to avoid on your dream St. Simons Island vacation – at least we are pretty sure this is true. Bubblegum cupcakes, cupcake ice cream, 24 Karat ice cream – even a special BIRTHDAY cupcake – how do they expect us to stay away?