About Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island is an important fixture in the Golden Isles of Georgia. It is a coastal barrier island that lies just to the southeast of the city of Brunswick at the inlet of the Atlantic Ocean to the Fancy Bluff Creak. It has been home to many people, but now the island is best known for its amazing natural landscape and its one-of-a-kind history that makes a Jekyll Island vacation very appealing.

Wild Beauty

Jekyll Island, Georgia’s most substantial claim to fame is its amazing wilderness and beautiful landscape. Among the best ways to take advantage of this endless beauty are taking a stroll along any of the ten miles of sandy beaches or the twenty miles of bike trails that weave across the island. Because of this unparalleled beauty, Jekyll Island, GA has drawn visitors from all over the world for events that immerse them in that beauty.

By exploring the landscape, you have the opportunity to view wild life living here. As such, the island is a great destination for bird watching, whale and dolphin watching. You can also visit The Georgia Sea Turtle Center, where you can get to know these animals more than ever before.

A Long History

Jekyll Island, GA is located just outside of Brunswick, a city that was formed in 1771. As such, the island benefits from a rich European-American History that spans through colonization, slavery, the Civil War, and more recent development that began in the early 20th century. But this amazing place was also home to Native American as early as 3,000 BC.

Towards the period of colonization and the early United States, Jekyll Island, Georgia served as a community designated solely for the elite. But today, everyone can enjoy its beauty along with the bliss and the endless leisure that its shores and wilderness brings. You can still stroll through the trees and see the massive homes that some of the world’s richest families used to vacation at.

Staying on Jekyll Island

While Jekyll Island has the distinction of being one of the most untouched and undeveloped lands in the country, there are still some amazing properties available at a range of prices for your next Jekyll Island vacation. While land use has been limited to 35% of the island in order to sustain Jekyll’s one-of-a-kind ecosystem, development has been strong on the island. You can find all the comfort of an amazing resort, convention center, and shopping center all in the seclusion of this natural getaway when you book with us at St Simon’s Island.