About Little Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Little St. Simons Island, GA is one of the most pristine little islands along the entire eastern seaboard of the United States. This sanctuary was virtually untouched for centuries and served as a place of solace and beauty, as it still does today. It is one of the islands that make up the Golden Isles of Georgia and it is the least developed of them all. As such, it has become an amazing place to take a break from hectic lifestyles and enjoy one of the few untouched wonders of the world. Between the incredible natural beauty that is found in abundance, you can find amazing vacation accommodations and activities for you and the whole family.

Beautiful Undeveloped Wilderness

As Little St. Simons Island, GA is privately owned, it has been maintained as a natural wonder, with little development spanning the island. You can reach the over seven miles of amazing beaches and over 11,000 acres of untouched wilderness only by boat. This natural area represents one of the most sustainable ecosystems in the world, and it is right there off of the coast of Georgia for your enjoyment.

You can choose from any number of ways to enjoy this natural wonder, so there truly is something for everyone. You can go for bike rides along extensive trails, kayak through ocean or rivers, fish from the sand or boat, and do so much more. Endless tours and activities, along with the island’s very own naturalist experts, give you glimpses into some of the natural wonders and processes that make this island so special. If you are a lover of nature, then you simply cannot find a better place to take a vacation than at Little Saint Simons Island, Georgia.

Staying on Little St. Simons Island

Along with the unparalleled natural beauty, you will find beautiful vacation accommodations that will ensure maximum comfort and seclusion between your adventures. Here, you are able to reserve single rooms, a full cottage, or even the entire island for your group. And a stay at the lodge comes with all-inclusive access to food, drink, and transportation so you do not have to worry about a thing during your vacation in paradise. What makes Little Saint Simons Island so special is that there is only room for 32 overnight guests at anytime, so it will seem as if the whole island was put there just for you. While the Lodge here is an extremely unique resort, it pales in comparison to the natural beauty that makes this place so special, and that is saying something. Be sure to book this amazing property today!