St. Simons Air Tours

If you’ve ever done an air tour before then you know just how fun and exhilarating an experience it is. If not, then there’s no better place to go on your first helicopter or coastal biplane adventure than while you’re on vacation in St. Simons Island. The strikingly beautiful landscape ensures you’re in for a real treat.

Why Add an Air Tour to Your Itinerary?

Nothing compares to the thrill of flying high in the sky. Taking air tours in St. Simons offers a whole new way to see St. Simons Island and the rest of Georgia’s Golden Isles. This unique bird’s eye view will provide you with memories to last a lifetime. Plus, vacations provide the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and do something you wouldn’t normally do back home.

Who Offers St. Simons Island Air Tours?

There are a few different companies that you can book St. Simons air tours with.

Wilco Aviation Services Inc. – Wilco Aviation’s helicopter tours flies in four standard routes that you can pick from, along with a couple of specialty St. Simon air tours. Depending on the one you choose, you may get to see some or all of the surrounding islands, the St. Simons Lighthouse, Pier Village, different beaches, the Sunken Tug Boat, and the Marshes of Glynn. Visit for more information.

Classic Air Ventures – For an extra adventurous ride, this company will take you up for an open cockpit biplane tour in a genuine restored 1940 WACO UPF-7. There’s no better opportunity to capture the picturesque scenery than when you’re in an open cockpit design and thousands of feet in the sky. To learn more, visit

Dragonfly Copters – Three different types of tours are offered with Dragonfly Copters. Whether you’re interested in just the sites of St. Simons Island or wish to include Jekyll Island and the vast ocean waters below, you’ll get the full excitement that being in a helicopter delivers. Additional information can be found at

Explore St. Simons Island

Adding a St. Simons Island air tour to your itinerary will give you the chance to explore St. Simons Island and the area around it in a geographical way that being on land just doesn’t allow for. As you plan out what you’re going to do on vacation and where you’re going to stay, make sure to let our team at SSI Rentals help you find the most suitable accommodations for your stay. We have a wide selection of amazing properties available for you to choose from, so book today!