Boating on St. Simons Island

One of the more popular things to do on St. Simons, involves the water…we’re sure that doesn’t surprise you…St. Simons IS an island after all! Charter a boat for off shore fishing, rent a sailboat to fly across the water or sign up for a Wreck Diving Package with South Georgia Dive Charters…the choice is yours, and is not limited to the 3 options we just mentioned. You can rent catamarans, kayaks, and even boogie boards, should St. Simons Island Boating just not be enough excitement for you!

Charter Boats on St. Simons Island

If offshore fishing is your thing, you can’t go wrong chartering a boat on St. Simons Island with one of the multitudes of charter companies available.  The captains of these boats have fished the waters around St. Simons for years and can be counted on to ensure you go home with a great catch at the end of the day. Grill the grouper you caught yourself while chartering a boat from Coastal Georgia Charter Fishing…or barbecue some sea bass the captain of Southeastern Angling helped you wrestle into the boat…or seize a shot of you posing next to the shark captured while on the boat of St. Simons Island Fishing Charters…whichever choice you make, we promise you will be more than satisfied!

Sailing on St. Simons Island

There’s no experience quite like flying across the water, sails snapping in the wind as you cruise the coastal waters in a sailboat rented for the day. (Sunset charters have all the aforementioned, plus the added benefit of dropping anchor and pausing to watch the fiery performance of the sun setting into crystal blue waters!) Never sailed before? Sign up for lessons with licensed captains and begin learning all there is to know about your new obsession. Barry’s Beach Service has the most rental options, renting everything from beach chairs to sailboats to paddleboards and kayaks and they offer lessons for everything they rent out. Prefer a motorized mode of transportation? Check out Morningstar Marinas and speed away in one of their powerful Hurricane Deck Boats (all of which stay in the river systems)

Scuba Diving

The coastal waters surrounding St. Simons Island weren’t always the safest waters to travel back in the day, but ancient sailors woes have become modern day opportunities for the best artificial reef diving (sunken ships!) around. Island Dive Center can teach you to dive and help get you PADI certified so you can explore these reefs to your hearts content. For coordinates and more information, gives you all the info you need to know about wreck diving in South Georgia.

The Best Things to Do on St. Simons

Crystal blue waters, miles of pristine, nearly untouched beaches, St. Simons Island is a special place. Roland Daniel Properties has been in business over 20 years; we understand the simple complexities that make this island so extraordinary and promise to rent our homes to people who truly appreciate the St. Simons Island lifestyle….people like you. What are you waiting for? Contact us today for more information!