Colonial Home Tours in St. Simons Island

Take in the Historic Jekyll Island Architecture with the Jekyll Island Landmark Historic District Tour

You will enjoy much of Jekyll Island during your trip, but one of the most rewarding St. Simons Island GA things to do is a tour of the Jekyll Island Historic District. This district is the heart and soul of Jekyll Island and is now registered as one of Georgia’s historic places. If you are looking to see some history and culture during your trip to Jekyll Island, look no further than a tour of the Historic District of Jekyll Island!

Cottages Within the Millionaires Village

Jekyll Island was started and built by early 20th century moguls looking to escape the hustle of big city life. This has led to most of Jekyll Island being founded on large homes and luxury restaurants. These large homes are all referred to as cottages, even though many would fit three or four traditional cottages within their walls. One of the first of these structures was the Jekyll Island Club clubhouse. This is the first stop on your colonial home tours in St. Simons Island. This clubhouse was built and designed by famed architect H.W.S. Cleveland. He laid out the property that included the clubhouse and a piece of land for each member to build their own cottage.

Many of these members’ cottages were restored and now serve an alternate purpose. Some of them have been refitted as hotels, restaurants, shops, or even offices. The most famous of these historic cottages is the Crane Cottage, which has been turned into a part of the Jekyll Island Hotel Club. Some of the other cottages that are worth the visit include the San Souci, Indian Mound, Goodyear Cottage, and the Villa Ospo.

Other Structures in the Historic District

There were more cottages built on Jekyll Island that served a variety of different purposes. Some were used as apartments for guests of the members, some were used to house staff, and others were used to build historic churches. The most notable landmark on the tour is the Faith Chapel. This brick chapel is relatively small, but houses some great sights that are worth seeing. Within the chapel’s walls lie terra cotta gargoyles and even a Tiffany and Armstrong stained glass window.

If you are looking for some intriguing St. Simons things to do on Jekyll Island, look no further than the Historic District colonial home tours in St. Simons Island. These buildings and cottages are all built in the colonial style and still have their charm.

A Home Away from Home

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