Diving in St. Simons Island

No beach or coastal town vacation is complete without participating in some kind of water-related activity or two. It’s certainly no different when you visit St. Simons Island, which is part of the Golden Isles of Georgia surrounded by the vast Atlantic Ocean. Here you’ll find fishing, beautiful beaches, kayaking, surfing, and a myriad of other enjoyable things to do that involve the water, however, none quite as thrilling as going on a scuba diving expedition. Island Dive Center handles most of the diving excursions from St. Simons Island for those who are certified and offers lessons for those who are not. There is a magical world that lies beneath the surface of the sea waiting to give scuba divers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Read on for more information about scuba diving in St Simons Island Georgia!

Why Dive on Your St. Simons Island Vacation?

When you first look at the seemingly cloudy waters off the coast of Georgia, you may be unsure what kind of scuba diving adventure you could possibly get. The answer would be: one that’s better than you ever could have imagined. Visibility actually begins to clear up just a few miles away from the shoreline, and the result is an abundance of artificial reefs packed with marine life to explore.

Though exceptionally exciting, many people also find scuba diving to be calming. Imagine nothing but the sound of your own breathing existing in harmony with all the wonders of the ocean. Staying landlocked won’t allow you to truly encounter all that the world has to offer. There’s a whole environment full of an existence that you have yet to come across. Even if you’ve been scuba diving somewhere else before, no two places are the same, and scuba diving while you’re in St. Simons Island Georgia promises to be riveting.

Where to Go Scuba Diving in Georgia

Most of the artificial reefs around the Golden Isles were created 30-75 feet deep. A couple of the most popular dive sites in the St. Simons Island area include the Liberty Ship and Gray’s Reef, which has been declared one of only 14 National Marine Sanctuaries. Divers over the 441-foot Liberty Ship wreck will have the opportunity to see barracuda, angelfish, and loggerhead turtles. Seventeen miles off Sapelo Island, divers will be greeted by the protected live-bottom habitat of Gray’s Reef.

Georgia Scuba diving is becoming more and more popular in St. Simons Island as vacationers begin to discover the magnificence of the underwater world.

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