Fun Things to Do in Brunswick, GA

You can find countless cities and towns with the name Brunswick, but none feature the same unique culture, history, and architecture as historic Brunswick in Georgia. Brunswick, Georgia has been a bustling city ever since it was formed in 1771. It has become a relatively significant attraction for tourists. Its endless activities are among what make this place a great one to visit. Read on for a list of fun things to do in Brunswick, GA!

Historical Adventures

Firstly, Brunswick is an absolute haven for any lover of history. Although there are plenty of organized events, tours, and museums throughout the city, the beauty of Brunswick is that you need only to walk through the streets to immerse yourself in that history. This natural authenticity stems from that fact that the city still sits on the grid upon which it was originally designed. There are many exciting things to do in Brunswick that showcase its history.

You can visit important landmarks like the Brunswick City Hall and the Hazelhurst-Taylor House in Hanover. One of the most famous sites to visit in Brunswick is the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation. This incredible residence and grounds has attracted thousands of visitors every year because of the tranquility of the setting juxtaposed with the dismay of its historical significance. Of course, Georgia’s famous oak trees draped in Spanish moss make the tour that much sweeter.

Experience the Outdoors

As it sits among the beauty of southeastern Georgia, there is also plenty of opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature as pristine as you will find anywhere. As the city sits on one of the only deep sea ports in Georgia, there is plenty of opportunity for boating adventures. Whether you want to do whale or dolphin watching, deep-sea fishing, or take a casual ride on the Emerald Princess II Casino, visit the harbor to start your excursion. If you want to see some of the most pristine and untouched wilderness in the country, take a quick boat ride to the Golden Isles of Georgia, where you will find islands boasting unparalleled beauty.

Eat Delicious Seafood

You will come for the fun and excitement of the city and you will stay for the food. Brunswick has been dubbed as the world shrimp capital, and the many fine restaurants throughout the city live up to that hype every day. A visit to Brunswick’s many seafood establishments is one of the best things to do in Brunswick, GA on your trip!

Even More Things to Do in Brunswick

This synopsis does not even begin to scratch the surface of the depths of activities that await you here. There are so many more reasons to love everything at Brunswick in Georgia. Discover the reason that you will love Brunswick by planning your next vacation there!