Kayaking on St. Simons Island

The earliest kayaks were created a few thousand years ago by Eskimos who sometimes used the skeleton of a whale to create the frame which they covered with animal skin and were used while hunting.  Today, the textile of choice for kayaks can be metal, fiberglass, wood, plastic, and occasionally rubber, and kayaking is a sport with over 10 different events in the OlympicsSt. Simons Island kayaking, however, is a special adventure and will hook you from the first moment your paddle hits the water.  You can book a tour that lasts anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days or you can rent the equipment yourself and explore the waters around St. Simons Island on your own terms; whichever route you choose, you will be glad you chose St. Simons Island to be your launching pad.

Where to Go to Rent Your Equipment

For the experienced kayaker, exploring on your own is definitely the more exciting way to go, but carrying a kayak and all the equipment from home can be a daunting experience…so why not just rent everything you need?   SouthEast Adventure Outfitters on Mallory St. carries only the best kayaks and their store in Pier Village has all the gear and accessories to make kayaking on St. Simons Island an experience you will never forget!  The quintessential Barry’s Beach Service also rents kayaks by the hour, including tandem kayaks and have been doing so since 1977…they specialize in making your island adventure an exciting one!  Turtle Tides specializes in paddleboards and kayaks, and supports Sea Turtle Conservation…they will donate five dollars to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center for every eco-tour they book…so you get to have a great time AND help save the sea turtles…no sacrifices to be made here!

St. Simons Island Kayaking Tours

The island and its waters is one of the most stunning spots on earth and the companies who conduct kayak tours know all the most spectacular places!  Explore the marsh creeks of St. Simons for 2 or more hours with SouthEast Adventure Outfitters for an up close and personal view of the beauty of the marshes. Take the Conservation Eco-Tour sponsored by Turtle Tides and explore the sandbars, collect shells and marvel in Mother Nature’s exquisite beauty while doing a good deed at the same time.  Or finally, head back to Barry’s Beach Services for a 2 hour guided tour of the coastal waters and the marshes…they offer tours 7 days a week and their guides are well trained in helping you discover all there is to know about St. Simons ecosystem.

Roland Daniel Properties’ SSIRentals.com…your tour guide to the adventure of a lifetime

However you choose to explore the marshes of St. Simons, Roland Daniel Properties will be there right alongside you, guiding you to the best shops for renting equipment and to the tours with the most knowledgeable guides.  A successful vacation for you means a happy, repeat customer for us, but it’s more than that.   St. Simons Island is one of nature’s marvels and we have been fortunate to be able to share its beauty with thousands of people over the years…book your vacation with us today and discover the beauty yourself.