Miniature Golf St. Simons Island

Miniature golf, goofy golf, putt putt golf, whatever you choose to call the act of playing golf on a short course with crazy obstacles, has been a date night – or family night – tradition for over a century; miniature golf was first mentioned in writing back in 1912.  An afternoon spent knocking multi-colored balls around various obstacles is guaranteed to be an afternoon of giggles, goofiness, and family bonding, so why not take a whack at it while on vacation?  St. Simons Island Miniature Golf guarantees all of the above, with the added benefits of blue skies and a nearby beach – what’s not to love about that?

Neptune Park Fun Zone

Located on St. Simons Island, the Neptune Park Fun Zone is the place to go for a day of laughter, fun, and miniature golf!  The 18 hole course (most mini golf places only offer 9 holes!) stands in the shadow of St. Simons Island Lighthouse, and guarantees fun for adults and children alike.  The view of the lighthouse offers many photographic opportunities as you prove your putt putt prowess on the tiny greens.  This course doesn’t offer windmills or swinging logs as obstacles, but rather, it’s the twists and turns of each hole that could make the chance of a low number a slim one!  Open year round and offering season passes at great rates, the Neptune Park Fun Zone is also a swimming pool with water slides; golf and water slides, two of St. Simons Island’s favorite activities combined into one great park!

Jekyll Island Miniature Golf

Jekyll Island’s Miniature Golf course offers two courses: an easier one for families with young children, and a more challenging course that features more of a chance to show off your competitive side and get some practice for a day spent at one of the island’s world class golf clubs!  Again, with the exception of a giant sea turtle, you won’t find any wacky obstacles – this course’s designer relied on more natural difficulties, such as a hole at the top of a small incline on one green, a sharp 45 degree turn on another; a fun time is promised to be had by all who participate in miniature golf on St. Simons Island!

The Family Who Plays Together, Stays Together

We at SSI Rentals understand that quality family time in the real world is difficult to come by; individual activities, homework, late nights at the office – all combine to create a tense and harried atmosphere where dinner, more often than not, consists of a fast food burger scarfed down in the car as you run from one child’s sporting activity to another’s dance classes.  A family vacation, on the other hand, is meant to be a time where the parents and the children come together, rediscovering what is fun and awesome about the other, and a time to rebuild those family ties.  Why not spend a few hours knocking the ball around, laughing and enjoying each other’s company as you play miniature golf on St. Simons Island?  Isn’t that what a family vacation is all about?

And once your done, be sure to return to your luxurious SSI vacation rental. We offer a wide selection of properties for families of all shapes and sizes, browse our full selection of rentals today and find a new home away from home!