Parks in St. Simons Island

There should be a law made stating every child should have memories of glorious mornings spent at a park, swinging high with legs pumping madly as feet try to touch the sky, sliding down an ever so tall slide, then scrambling to do it again, or simply hanging upside down from the jungle gym until their faces turns as red as beets.  When you visit family friendly St. Simons Island, you will find parks and playgrounds that heretofore only existed in your own imagination.  Explore these St. Simons Island parks with your children and rediscover that child in you.

Neptune Park Fun Zone, St. Simons Island

More than just a water park for the very young, Neptune Park has an 18-hole miniature golf course, swings, slides, and everything that is wonderful about a playground!  You can watch from the sidelines on a bench or join in the fun; how long has it been since you swung high enough to touch the sun?

Massengale Park, St. Simons Island

When the sun gets too hot for you on East Beach, why not take a breather at nearby Massengale Park?  Gigantic oak trees create a nicely shaded area for you and your children to play on fun jungle gym system; bring a lunch and have a picnic here on the included picnic tables too.  A picnic in a park creates such great memories.

Mallery Park, St. Simons Island

Plan on spending the entire day at this park not far from Pier Village, for in addition to the cool shaded playground, there’s a basketball court, shuffleboard, tennis courts and an entire chain of baseball/softball fields (three to be exact!)  

The North Glynn Recreation Complex, Brunswick

Not far from the paradise that is St. Simons Island lays the historic town of Brunswick and a multi-use park known as The North Glynn Recreation Complex.  The playground is brightly colored, with multiple slides and a cool ladybug bouncy ride in addition to other equipment, ensuring lots of laughs and giggles from your small one.  But in addition to playground, this complex has everything from lighted sports fields (football, soccer, baseball, soccer) to batting cages, a freshwater lake for fishing, hiking trails, and even a skate park!  Your entire family will love spending a day or two here…even Fido can enjoy not one, but two dog parks!

So much more!

We could be here all night if we listed every park in St. Simons Island or the adjacent towns and islands.  Family is important and making fun family memories matters even more…start planning your St. Simons Island vacation today so you can start making memories for tomorrow.  Your kids will remember a day at a park much longer and with more happiness than they will ever remember that video game you bought them!

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