Sailing in St. Simons Island

The snap of the sails, the smell of the sea, the feel of the cool ocean breeze on your face – sailing isn’t just another water sport; to many people it’s a dream, to even more it’s an obsession.  For centuries, men and women have attempted to sail around the world, knowing there is no better competition than the one of man (woman!) vs sea.  In 1900, Joshua Slocum became the first man to sail alone around the world, proudly earning his place in the still not invented Wikipedia!  In 1988, Kay Cottee became the first woman to sail around the world alone and in 2015, you may or may not be the next person to sail around the world alone, but you just might get your chance to develop your sea legs on the beautiful coastal island, St. Simons Island.  Have we caught your attention yet?

Need to Learn to Sail?

St. Simons Island sailing will be the start of a new obsession for you – but what if you have never sailed before?  Barry’s Beach Services has everything you need – from Hobie Cat Sailboat Rentals, to lessons and rides along the coast – before long you will be riding the waves with the best of them, and looking to buy your very own boat!   For that, we recommend you take a visit to the Morningstar Marina and check out the beauties Dunbar Yachts has to offer you; teak wood interiors, leather upholstery, even real mattresses, not just an uncomfortable pad – Dunbar Yachts has it all!

Just Want a Tour?

Sailing can be a pretty pricey sport; maybe all you want to do is explore the islands as someone else mans the helm of a captivating catamaran.  Don’t worry, we at SSI Rentals know just the places for you to go!  Scallywag Sailing Tours features 3 different types of sailing tours.  First, a private dolphin tour where you and your family can enjoy a three hour tour of St. Simons Sound, happily watching man’s best sea friend frolicking around the waves. Next, a three hour basic sightseeing tour exploring St. Simons and Jekyll Islands hot spots.  Finally,  take a romantic sunset sail with the love of your life, sipping wine and munching on hors d’oeuvres, as you view Mother Nature’s miracle performance from the deck of the Scallywag!  

SSI Rentals Understands the Call of the Sea

And we know the best boats, and guides, for however you want your sailing adventure in St. Simons Island to take place!  Our team lives on the island and we know who to go to – and want to share that knowledge with you!  In no time at all you will be tacking and jibing with lifelong sailors who make their home on St. Simons Island – when they aren’t sailing the seas, that is!

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