Sidney Lanier Bridge Brunswick, GA

You can never really say too much about the historic city of Brunswick. There are amazing works of arts, architecture, and culture around every corner. It is due to these works and so much more that thousands of people have been enchanted by the city for centuries. One of the newer masterpieces that graces the area (relative to the city’s centuries old history) is the Sidney Lanier Bridge in Brunswick, GA. While it is a fixture of the community that serves a largely practical purpose, it still has a great deal of merit in and of itself.

About This Brunswick Bridge

The Sidney Lanier Bridge arose out of a need to replace the existing bridge before it. The original bridge was a vertical-lift bridge, which was hit by ships on two separate occasions. The bridge was completed on June 22nd, 1956. This magnificent Brunswick bridge traverses an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean called Fancy Bluff Creek. The bridge is truly a remarkable spectacle, rising 486 feet into the air and spanning just under 8,000 feet, making it the longest and tallest bridge in all of Georgia. It is a cable-stayed bridge featuring an intricate array of cables connecting the massive supports to the length of the bridge. To give you an idea of the amazing scale of this bridge, it is made up of over 14 million pounds of reinforced steel and over 95,000 cubic yards of concrete. That is one big bridge!

Reasons to Visit

The Sidney Lanier Bridge is a treat to drive through simply because it is so grandiose. You can also enjoy magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Brunswick, and the beautiful surrounding marsh and woodlands. The best way to take advantage of this is to register to take a run or walk across it. It connects the main area of the city of Brunswick to the beautiful Jekyll Island. This makes it a whole lot easier for people to commute between the thriving cultural center of Brunswick and the peace, quiet, and beauty of the island to the south. The bridge is also known to be the home for a few different events that could be worth checking out. One of the most notable of these events is the annual 5k ‘bridge run’ that takes place over the bridge every February.

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(Image By Hyku on Flickr ( [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)