St. Simons Island Bars

You will not find an establishment throughout the island of St. Simons that does not boast exceptional and unique character. This is especially true of the many bars that speckle the town and its coastline. The people of St. Simons take their leisure very seriously and as such, you will find many fun and unique places to grab a drink and spend time with great people all over the island. Here are some of the examples of bars on St. Simons Island that have proven to be longtime favorites of visitors and locals alike.


Ziggy is a great musician who has toured all over the country and really established a loyal following in the St. Simons area. He loved the island so much that he came back permanently in 1994 opening his bar “Ziggy’s.” People loved his bar so much that he had to move it to a new and larger location in 2008 to accommodate all of the locals and visitors. Today, this is the perfect place for a party, with a massive dance floor, state of the art lighting and sound systems, a smoking porch, and two private party rooms. You can’t embrace the slow pace of life on St. Simons any better than at Ziggy’s.


St. Simons Island bars have a lot of character, and Rafters is no exception. If you ask any local where the party is at, they are likely to tell you it is at Rafters. The bar has been a fixture of the community for decades, making it a big favorite for many locals. There are plenty of ways to spend your time at Rafters, between the pool tables, dartboards, arcade games, dancing, and much more. And the best part is there are multiple bars, so it is never difficult to get a drink. Come by the pier and enjoy a fun night in one of the most beautiful locations on St. Simons.

Murphy’s Tavern

For over 30 years, the locals who own Murphy’s Tavern have been providing one of the most relaxed environments on the island. This is one of the few destinations without dancing on the island. Instead, of all the St. Simons bars, this is the place to be for lovers of classic rock, as you will find it in ample supply at Murphy’s.

For each of the St. Simons bars mentioned in this piece, there are five more that will provide a unique night of fun and excitement. Make sure you check out one or many of the bars on St. Simons Island and you are sure to not regret it. For even more fun on St. Simons Island, try some of these fun activities on your next trip:

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