St. Simons Island Birding

Island living isn’t just all about the ocean, there’s rivers and marshes that create the perfect habitat for birds of all kinds, making bird watching on St. Simons Island kind of a thing!  The Golden Isles, including Brunswick, Little St. Simons Island, St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island, are a part of the Colonial Coast Birding Trail, which features over 300 different species of bird to watch – that’s almost 75 percent of all bird species that inhabit the state of Georgia; the bird truly is the word on this island paradise!

St. Simons Birds

Nearby Little St. Simons is a privately owned island which is mostly a nature preserve; a large portion of the birds to be found on the Colonial Coast Birding trail will be found here and Naturalists, as well as local birders, are available to guide you.  If you visit eBirds Hotspot Map, you will get a chance to see what has been spotted and where – and perhaps even find a guide for yourself!  Either way, St. Simons Island or the islands surrounding are a hot spot for birdwatching.  From bald eagles to the red-headed woodpecker – the Golden Isles are a veritable bird utopia!  

Egrets and Loos, the Northern Gannet, sandpipers and laughing gulls, even hummingbirds and warblers make the Birding trail their home, along with more colorful sounding birds such as the black-throated green warbler, the blue-headed vireo or the rusty blackbird.  We could continue on forever, or you can just visit the following website  for a checklist you can print out and carry with you on your St. Simons Island Birding adventure…just remember, many of the listed birds can only be seen at certain times of year, so do your research!

A St. Simons Island Vacation is for the Birds!

City living doesn’t offer much opportunity for bird watching, so why not make your next vacation with us at SSI Rentals?  Our staff is knowledgeable and can help guide you to the spots where you will have the most luck – or at the very least we can direct you to experts who know even more!  Gould’s Inlet, on the northern end of East Beach, is St. Simons Island’s own personal piece of the Colonial Coast Birding Trail and a great spot for fishing, or just observing ocean life in their natural habitat!  Why not come experience a bit of bird watching on St. Simons Island with

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