St. Simons Island Culture and Art Museums

A beach environment is not always known for its culture; flip flops, bikinis and cold brewskis don’t seem to fit in with the cocktail and art movement, and it’s difficult to paddleboard in an evening gown! Somehow, though, St. Simons Island and the islands surrounding, have managed to have both…and both not only coexist peacefully, they mingle happily! The St. Simons Island art museums contain cultured pieces of art that would rest easily in any northern museum, including the Glynn Visual Arts Center – a gallery and teaching facility for up and coming Georgia Artists, locals, and tourists who just want to make pretty things! Read on for more information about St. Simons Island Culture, art, and more!

Glynn Visual Arts Center

Sporting the logo “imagine, inspire, create,” the Glynn Visual Arts Center does just that. Originally opened in 1953 under the name Glynn Art Association, this non-profit organization is dedicated to making art accessible to everyone, by teaching and selling at its gallery and 2 gift shops. Offering classes for adults and kids, you can study everything from comic book art to photography; the Glynn Visual Arts Center makes the world (and especially St. Simons Island) a better place, just by its very existence.

The Ritz Theater

The Historic Ritz Theatre, in nearby Brunswick, is located in a former 19th century opera house; today it operates as a full time arts and culture stop in old town Brunswick. Offering everything from music shows to book talks, even wine tasting and old movies, this historical educational hotspot is proof that new isn’t always better!

St. Simons Island Art Museums and Galleries

Rive Gauche, formerly known as the Left Bank Art Gallery, specializes in the art of Southern painters, including its founders, Mildred Nix Huie, Stella Morton, Selma Shelander, and Marja Albright. Today you will find paintings by Tori Anderson (her beach scenes might be a perfect souvenir to take home as a reminder of your vacation getaway!), etchings of beach birds by Roland Clark, or even some beautiful oil paintings of local scenery by Katherine Brown Galbraith. Anderson Fine Art Gallery not only offers beautiful artwork for sale, it aides in the continuance of the St. Simons fine arts community with many workshops for the taking. And finally, the Glenda Carson Gallery specializes in paintings of the low country, beaches and marshes that can be found on St. Simons Island.

Arts, Culture & the Beach

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