St. Simons Island Georgia Disc Golf

Disc golf is a recreational activity that has been enjoyed by many for years, but it’s a fairly new offering to St. Simons Island and the Golden Isles of Georgia. If you’re looking for something fun and unique to do on your coastal getaway, see what kind of skills you have at this great game while enjoying views of the Frederica River. Read on for more information about the best disc golf courses in Georgia!

What is Disc Golf?

The main goal of disc golf is much like that of the traditional sport of golf. Players use flying discs, not to be mistaken with Frisbees, to throw at an elevated target that resembles a caged basket. Much like golf with a ball and club, disc golfers make their way through the course by picking up the discs from wherever they have landed and throwing again from that spot.

What Makes St Simons Island Georgia Disc Golf Fun?

Disc golf is a game that can be played by anyone. The whole family, young and old, can easily participate in this leisure activity. It provides a low impact workout and mental challenges of navigating discs around obstacles all while having a consistently good time. It’s also a relatively inexpensive way of spending time in the great outdoors on St. Simons Island since there are no entry fees, unlike traditional golf. All a participant will need is their set of discs.

Where are the Best Disc Golf Courses in St Simons Island Georgia?

Gascoigne Bluff is the only place to currently offer residents and visitors disc golf on St. Simons Island. The beautifully developed site has a rich history that spans a couple centuries. It features a public fishing pier, floating dock, grills, a picnic pavilion, the Southeast Georgia Health System Fitness Trail, and is now also home to the first and only disc golf course on the island. The park is largely known for its large cluster of oak trees, which is where the 6-hole disc golf course can be found set up underneath their canopy. The challenge here is keeping discs low enough not to be deterred by tree limbs and leaves. One round will take about an hour and a half and allow disc golfers to get in some good exercise with the approximate mile it takes to walk the course.

A round or two of St Simons Island Georgia disc golf with family or friends provides the perfect break away from some of the more energized activities you may have on your St. Simons Island itinerary. After a long of hitting the greens, rest easy in the comfort of our St Simons’ vacation rentals. Click here to learn more!