St. Simons Island Fishing

The water is calm, the sun is shining brightly overhead and a solo fisherman is tipped back in the seat of his hurricane deck boat pole in one hand, a cold drink in the other, drifting quietly off the Atlantic coast.  No cell phones, no deadlines, no worries…this solo fisherman could be you should you decide that fishing at St. Simons Island is the way you want to spend your vacation.  And why wouldn’t you?  The waters around St. Simons Island host a myriad of different species of fish, all delicious when grilled!

Spanish mackerel, Grouper and Amberjack…oh my!

The coastal waters of South Georgia are laden with every variety of fish imaginable…in addition to the three species listed above; don’t be surprised to be hooking king mackerel, or even cobia. Sign up for a deep sea Fishing Charter and take a chance on wrestling a shark into the boat…night charters tend to catch the biggest sharks.  What better souvenir than a photo of you posing next to the mighty sea beast you struggled with for over 30 minutes?  It’s all catch and release, but the bragging rights (with photographic proof!) last forever!  Black sea bass, African pompano and even barracuda may also be caught when you sign up for a charter fishing trip or if fly fishing is what floats your boat, redfish, triple tail and tarpon could be the catch of the day!

St. Simons Island Fishing Equipment

So now you’ve arrived at St. Simons Island, the wife is sunning herself on one of the glorious beaches the island is famous for and your kids are learning how to kite surf; sounds like a perfect day for you to take time for yourself and drown some worms!  Pick up a fishing license and anything else you might need at St. Simons Island Bait & Tackle and head to Pier Village for a quiet day of fishing off the pier.  Looking for some peace and quiet and the chance to get away from the crowds?  Rent a boat from Morningstar Marina and spend the day happily dropping lines in the rivers of St. Simons Island.  At the end of the day, the most desired of all St. Simons Island activities would have to be the Deep Sea Fishing Charters. St. Simons Island Captains are among the best in the world, all with years of experience in guiding their passengers to the secret spots where all the best fish like to hide!  Southeastern Angling, Jaybird Fishing, Coastal Georgia Charter Fishing are just a few of the best Charter services St. Simons Island has to offer…why not give them a call?

Roland Daniel Properties wants you…

To enjoy the fishing trip of a lifetime!  We’ve been on this island for over 20 years and have developed a relationship with all the Captains who make their livelihood by chartering boats for people like you…when you rent from us, you not only get a top notch vacation home, you get to take advantage of our intimate knowledge of the best of St. Simons Island.  Drop anchor with…you’ll be glad you did!

And be sure to book your stay in one of our amazing rentals next time you come visit the island. With a wide selection, we’re sure you’ll find something to love!