St. Simons Island Paddle Boarding

You see it everywhere these days – a man or woman standing tall, a paddle in one hand, a board under their feet as they casually and elegantly glide through quiet (or not so quiet) waters.  Some places are even offering yoga classes with all moves being completed on a paddle board!  Experts say yoga on a paddle board engages your core more than regular yoga; it’s more calming and refines your technique – oh, and it’s simply beautiful to watch and perform!  However you choose, make sure you give paddle boarding on St. Simons Island a try because everything is more fun on the island!

A Brief Tutorial On Paddle Boarding

  • Make sure to start with a wide board…the wider it is, the easier it will be to keep your balance
  • Learn in calm waters…save the rough waves for when you’re more experienced
  • Hold one hand on top of the paddle…and keep the other on the center of the shaft
  • Start on your knees and carefully move to a standing position
  • Once standing, keep your legs shoulder length apart
  • Practice, practice, practice!  Before long you will be a pro!

Obviously, this is a very abbreviated tutorial; you can research further online, or check out the following St. Simons paddle boarding shops for lessons, rentals, and supplies!


SouthEast Adventure Outfitters – Offers new and used paddle boards, rentals, and classes; SouthEast Adventure Outfitters on St. Simons Island is a one stop shop – you can even take a tour of the islands by paddle boards!  912.638.6732

SSI SUP – Specializes in paddle boarding – it’s their passion!  Offering guided tours, lessons and rentals, they also provide a unique Night Glow Tours starting at night and lasting long into the night, this is something you won’t find anywhere else! (If nothing else, you need to check out the light system they attach to the boards for their night tours…absolutely amazing!)  This wonderful establishment also offers SUP (stand up paddle boarding) Yoga – their passion for all things paddle board is a big plus in our books!  912.230.4323

Paddle and Putt – A shop that celebrates SUP and golf, everyone in your family will want to check out their wares!   Golf pro Davis Love III opened this little place, and not only do they offer supplies, rentals, classes…and apparel, every October they are co-hosts to the Golden Isles SUP Classic: a competitive and recreational paddle board race.  Fall is the perfect time for paddle boarding on St. Simons Island…why not attend this annual event and add to the thrill of your vacation? 


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