St. Simons Island Water Parks

Who doesn’t remember that wonderfully exhausted feeling you had after a day spent at a water park?  No matter how careful you were about applying sunscreen, you generally came home with a pink nose and shoulders, tender feet, tired muscles, and feeling slightly waterlogged to boot!  The water slides always seemed so high up there and for some, that first push off was the hardest, while others just ran and jumped on their tubes or mats, screaming madly as they conquered the biggest and twistiest water slides of them all!  Your mom always stayed in the shallow end, applying and reapplying sunscreen to your baby sister, talking with all her friends who were doing the same with their own children, as you and your friends ran wild all over the park!  

All in all, a day at the local water park was considered a day well spent.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to relive that tradition with your own family?  Lucky for you, your vacation at a St. Simons Island water park can be the start of that new family tradition.  Spend the day at Neptune Park Fun Zone on St. Simons Island, or at nearby Summer Waves on Jekyll Island.  One is more tame and meant for small children, and the other is more extreme – and both are a fantastic way to spend a hot summer vacation day!

Neptune Park Fun Zone

Geared towards the younger children, this St. Simons water park, nestled in the shadow of our majestic lighthouse, is basically a large wading pool with a couple of child sized water slides in the center.  Shaded lounge chairs provide places for the parents to relax impervious to the sun’s rays as they watch their children frolic; water spouts and water cannons allow for some competitive fun for your slightly older children – or to give dad a chance to horse around too!  If wading and lazing around the pool is a little too laid back for you, there is a lap pool in place as well, offering the opportunity for anyone to burn off a little extra vacation calories!  Overall, Neptune Park Fun Zone is a great place for young families, and is located not far from your lovely St. Simons Island vacation home!

Summer Waves Water Park

Located on nearby Jekyll Island, this amusement park has pulled out the big guns and will be a thrilling adventure for kids of ALL ages!  With eight major attractions spread out over 14 acres, your older children will be thrilled to run wild as you spend the day tubing down the tall and twisty Nature’s Revenge, or take a straight ride down the even taller Pirate’s Passage.   You can hit the two foot high waves at the Frantic Atlantic wave pool, or if you’re not as adventurous, why not spend your day at the water park floating on the lazy river?  Whatever level of adventure you prefer, Summer Waves Water Park has a ride for you – there’s even a great sand volleyball court available for your playing pleasure!

Make it a family tradition

And come back every year!  Season passes are available making a day spent at a St. Simons water park an affordable and fun filled one for all family members!  You can start making your own memories by booking your St. Simons Island vacation today; just make sure you begin by booking your rental with where all the best vacations start!

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