Vacation Tips & Tricks for Booking Vacation Rentals St. Simons, GA

Vacation tips for a great vacation rentals St. Simons, GA experienceRenting a property in the midst of a tropical paradise like St. Simons Island can be a wonderful experience—even more so if you go into it fully prepared for the realities of renting with the right tips and tricks! Having a few tidbits of information up your sleeve can make all the difference when it comes to choosing the best rental for your money and needs. You’ll find helpful vacation planning tips below!

Book Early and During the Off-Season to Make Sure You Get the Rental You Want

Vacation rentals fill up fast, especially during St. Simons Island’s peak tourism season. Therefore, one of the most important vacation planning tips is to book early! It doesn’t take any more time to book early than it does to book later, but you do gain the added benefit of reduced rates. Additionally, booking during the off-season means reduced rates, so if you book early for an off-season time, you can get the best rate possible and avoid the crowds that come during the peak season!

Budget Extra for Fees and Unexpected Expenses

One unfortunate downside of vacation rentals is that you’re not just paying for a room fee. Oftentimes, there are additional fees and taxes, so one of the best vacation tips is to leave some room in your vacation budget in case anything unexpected pops up. However, fees are more common when you rent last minute than when you book early, accounting for costs associated with having additional guests stay on the spot or deciding to bring your pets.

Most Rentals Do Not Provide Room Service

If the rental unit is located in a resort, you may have room service, though nowadays even hotels and resorts are trying to cut back on the monetary and environmental costs of frequent room cleaning. In most cases, room service is rare to non-existent in a vacation rental on St. Simons Island. While you’ll have to clean up after yourself, such as making your own bed and picking up your towels off of the floor, it also means that you won’t experience the feelings of intrusion and awkwardness that come with a stranger cleaning your room.

The More You Know, the Less You’ll Stress

Being prepared for every possibility means that you won’t have your vacation derailed by unpleasant surprises and allows you to fully enjoy your vacation rentals St. Simons, GA experience. Remember that no matter where you end up staying, your number one priority should be having fun and making memories!