Top 5 Live Music Venues in St. Simons Island

Remember your first concert? Maybe it happened when you were 6-years-old when your parents took you to see their favorite country performer at the state fair. The sounds of the music, the crowds, and the singer were slightly overwhelming and oh-so-exciting. Or maybe you were a teenager and your teen idol was performing at the local concert venue, and you spent hours picking your clothes, make-up, and shoes; he didn’t acknowledge you, but that didn’t stop you from dancing to and singing his songs all the way home because you KNEW you were destined to be Mrs. Teen Idol one day. Live music, no matter what your memories, has the opportunity to transport us back in time to those magical moments. Here’s a few of our favorite venues for live music in St. Simons Island, GA.

Ziggy Mahoney’s, 206 Retreat Village

If you thought it wasn’t possible to dance until the last call in a club filled with beautiful people on St. Simons Island, you thought wrong! Ziggy Mahoney’s is THE place to hear the best of local bands after enjoying a meal and a few cocktails.

Bennie’s Red Barn, 5514 Frederica Road

Offering karaoke nights in addition to the live musical entertainment on weekends, Bennie’s Red Barn is the perfect spot for a night of live music in St. Simons island. This restaurant, bar, and concert venue is a favorite of ours, so be sure and stop in if you want to experience the St. Simons Island nightlife.

The Rooftop Restaurant, Ocean Lodge, 935 Beachview Drive

Featuring exquisite views, fabulous food, and live music on the weekends, The Rooftop is where to go when you want that romantic evening experience! While not a raucous rock band venue, trust us when we say the music played here will definitely fit the mood.

Rafters, 315 ½ Mallery Street in St Simons Island

When you want to go where the music is hot and the drinks are cold, Rafters on Mallery Street is the hottest spot in St. Simons Island. Rock is the music performed here, and when the music isn’t live, the DJ is. The big cities can’t compare to this St. Simons live music venue!

Georgia Sea Grill, 407 Mallery Street

What more can you ask for than the opportunity to chow down on fresh seafood while listening to the best live music on the island? The Georgia Sea Grill is a fine dining establishment with an ear towards the best St. Simons live music and if you make your reservations for the weekend, you too will get to hear what’s playing!

With the Live Music of St. Simons Island Still Echoing in Your Ears

The quiet of your classic SSI Rentals beachside cottage will be the perfect accompaniment to the music still echoing in your ears. Hum aloud to the music only you can hear, and enjoy a glass of wine on the patio as you relive the night’s adventures. Reserve your stay today!