Top 5 Natural Attractions in St. Simons Island

It’s the natural beauty of our island home that attracts the attentions of tourists from all over the world. Unspoiled beaches, nature preserves, and wildlife refuges all combine to create a place of protected beauty. We recognize the importance of preserving and protecting nature, and we invite you to explore as you learn about the wildlife, flora, and fauna that are the protected inhabitants of St. Simons Island. Don’t forget your camera, and remember to leave the areas you visit better than when you arrived! Here’s a list of the top five natural attractions in St. Simons.

Massengale Park, 1350 Ocean Boulevard

Picnics and playgrounds are the star of this natural attraction in St. Simons. The park is filled with a quiet beauty and miles of public beach. Mature oaks provide shade for leisurely strolls or noisy meals shared with your favorite people, and a sand covered playground offers an area for your kids to release some excess energy before heading back to your SSI Rentals vacation home.

East Beach, 4202 1st Street in St. Simons

Any day is a great day for the beach when you are visiting St. Simons, and East Beach is famous for its unspoiled beauty. White sand beaches frame turquoise waters, and nearby you’ll spot kids building sandcastles with moms and dads joining in the fun, and couples casually searching for seashells as they walk and talk. This is what island life is all about!

Cannon’s Point Preserve, Cannon Point Road

With over 600 acres of protected land, Cannon’s Point offers the perfect opportunity for hiking, birding, or other outdoor activities to explore St. Simons island nature. Primitive, rugged, and hauntingly beautiful, the stone foundations are all that’s left of some of the homes in the area, creating amazing photo opportunities.

Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island

Offering a primitive beauty of its own, Driftwood Beach on nearby Jekyll Island is dotted with the skeletons of trees, creating humanlike silhouettes best photographed against the setting sun. Bring a picnic lunch and spend the day searching for seashells and the perfect pictures.

Gould’s Inlet, East Beach

Popular with fishermen and bird watching fans, this spot along East Beach is a serene one. Artists like to spend hours painting the ever-changing scenery of wildlife, lone fishermen casting off the pier, and stand up paddleboarders gliding slowly through the waters. Dogs are welcome here as well, and a dog bag station allows you to keep the area clean for others.

And Then There’s the View from Your SSI Rentals Vacation Home

Quiet, scenic, and ever-changing, sitting on the patio of your SSI beachfront rental at sunset will give you a new appreciation for the beauty of the natural life. Reserve yours today.