Top 5 Museums in St. Simons Island

The best way to learn about a vacation destination is by examining its past in a museum that celebrates its history. Witness the struggles of those before you and gain a new appreciation for the strengths of those who live here now. View the art that expresses the soul of the artist and understand the troubles they have faced to get to where they are now. Or examine the spots where our military forefathers fought, spilled blood, and gave the ultimate sacrifice—their lives—for our country, and be grateful for the freedoms we have today. These museums in St. Simons (and on the coastal islands close to us) are some of the many activities you can enjoy on the island and will give you a greater understanding of the history of the place.

Arthur J Moore Methodist Museum, 100 Arthur J Moore Drive

This is one of the best museums in St. Simons to learn about religious freedoms and the struggles the Methodists went through to obtain them. Closed on Sundays, the Arthur J Moore Methodist Museum tells the story of John Wesley with artifacts, mementos, and art work, along with the histories of the strong women who have contributed to the church throughout the centuries.

World War II Home Front Museum, Coming in 2018 in St. Simons

This fascinating war memorial museum in St. Simons is still in the building stages, but once it opens, it promises to offer an intriguing glimpse into the struggles we Americans faced during World War II. The island was an integral part of the battles waged on the home front, and this museum will tell its story.

Jekyll Island Museum, 100 Stable Road, Jekyll Island

When you’re in the mood for a little drive to accompany your island culture, head across the bridge to the Jekyll Island Museum and explore the history of our sister barrier island. When you learn the history of Jekyll Island, you are also learning the history of St. Simons, as our lives have been intertwined throughout the centuries.

St. Simons Island Light, 610 Beachview Drive

Before the advent of lighthouses, sea travel could be hazardous and deadly. The iconic St. Simons Lighthouse was a part of the change, and the keeper’s museum attached to it allows us to get a better understanding of the hardships early lighthouse keepers faced every day.

Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, 5556 US-17, Brunswick

Just over the causeway bridge lies historic Brunswick, Georgia and the opportunity to explore a genuine Southern Plantation. The Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation remains much as it would have during its heyday, with its large front porch perfect for fanning yourself as you rock away the evenings drinking sweet tea or mint juleps and small bedrooms with high ceilings and simple furnishings. Take a step back in time and explore this architectural example of Southern hospitality!

You Can Touch It All

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