Top 5 Tours in St. Simons Island

When you visit a new place, the most difficult aspect of your trip can be trying to decide what to do and where to go. Some places offer more activities, some places offer less, but the decision process can be intimidating either way. We think we have the perfect solution for you: Taking part in a tour, be it by water, land, or in some cases by air, allows you to see the highlights of what’s available and what interests you most, so you can return to the interesting parts at your leisure later in your trip. These St. Simons Island tours are among the best in the area, and you may even find yourself taking some of them more than once!

The St. Simons Trolley, 649 Dellwood Avenue

This historic trolley is colorful, charming, and driven by informative guides that will engage you as they educate you on the history of the island, offering their own uniquely Southern twists to their tales. Costing $20 for adults and $10 for children 4-12, this comprehensive tour is the best way to get to know the Island.

Coastal Biplane Tours, 669 North Golf Villa Road

A certain comic dog understood the virtues of viewing life from the cockpit of a classic biplane, and Coastal Biplane Tours offers the opportunity to view island life from the passenger seat of an open cockpit one! Take a step back to a gentler time in life as you soar through the skies of Georgia in this romantic tour of St. Simons Island.

Scallywag Sailing Tours, 100 Marina Drive

So, we’ve discussed St. Simon Island tours by land and by air; what’s next? A tour by sea, of course, and Scallywag Sailing Tours offers a luxury sailing experience. Below decks, you will find polished wood floors, a galley kitchen, and plenty of plush seating, but it’s what you find above deck that will make you come back for more. The sights and sounds of the sea around St. Simon will have you falling in love.

St. Simons Paddleboard & Kayak, 912-230-4323

The SUP & kayak St. Simon tours offered by this company gives you a chance to get up close and personal with sea life, including dolphins, manatees, and other creatures that inhabit the waters that surround our coastal island.

St. Simons Original Ghost Walk

When you live in a place with a history such as ours, you’re sure to find a few spirits roaming the streets who have not realized they are no longer alive, and this ghost walking tour of the island introduces you to the major players in town. Walk the streets by lantern light and learn the tales of horror that give us goosebumps in the darkest of nights. They are all perfectly harmless, but the tour can be a little spooky for younger kids.

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