Top Attractions for the Night Owl in St. Simons Island

When the sun sets and the moon begins to rise, many people may feel this is the time to head home, close and lock the doors, and prepare for the nighttime rituals that have served them well for so many years. But there is a small subsection of people who realize that the night is the only time to experience everything that is wonderful about life!

Think about it: in the movies, the most romantic, scary, and deadly times are at night. Midnight snacks, moonlit swims, late night movies—all the best things happen after dark, and if you are a night owl, this is the time when you feel yourself come to life! Creative types do their best work by the light of the moon. Writers, painters, and musicians all know that this really is the right time for everything, even vacations!

We at SSI Rentals know what it’s like to live a life that may be out of sync with the rest of the world, and we have compiled a list of night time activities for your vacationing pleasure—enjoy!

St. Simons Ghost Walk

Nighttime is the best time for a paranormal experience! This 60-minute tour begins at 9 PM and is conducted by lantern light as you walk the streets of St. Simons Island, discovering some of our most haunted spots. If you don’t feel alive unless the hairs on your neck are tingling, this night time adventure is for you! Learn more at

Movie Nights Under the Stars

Isn’t it funny how everything seems better when you add the words “under the stars” to the activity? Offering G & PG rated movies during the summer in nearby Brunswick, the Mary Ross Waterfront is the spot to be when the stars are shining!

The Island Players

Featuring live performances of your favorite shows since 1956, these seasoned and talented actors live to entertain you! This month’s show, “I’ll be Back Before Midnight,” is one of our favorites; check out the website at to see what is upcoming!

Romance Under the Stars!

Sometimes all you need for the perfect nighttime experience is some sand, some water, and the love of your life. Moonlit beach walks will keep the romance strong as you rediscover all the wonderful things that first drew you to your partner, and our St. Simons Island beaches are amongst the most romantic in the nation!

Stay Inside and Snuggle

Pop some popcorn, pour a glass of wine, and watch your favorite romantic comedy with your favorite person. Spend the dark hours enjoying your SSI Rentals vacation home and your beloved! Book yours today and discover the beauty of St. Simons Island by moonlight.