Top Spots to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth on St. Simons Island

The only thing better than a day spent at the beach on our gorgeous island is a day spent at the beach on our gorgeous island with ice cream. Or maybe candy. Or maybe cakes or cookies. Ok, the only thing better than a day spent at the beach on our gorgeous island is a day spent at that beach eating all the sweet treats you want to eat! Sultry summer days call for walks along the sand quickly licking away at a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone as it runs down your hands in creamy streams, midnight snacks from the local bakery shared with giggles and secrets at the counter of your SSI Rentals cozy condo with your youngest daughter, and special desserts as your new favorite eatery located just down the street.

Moo Cow Ice Cream – 541 Ocean Boulevard

Ice cream and summer go hand in hand, and Moo Cow Ice Cream has all the flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Stick with the standards of chocolate or vanilla, or live dangerously and try chocolate diablo with its hint of heat, or even candied bacon—because bacon makes everything taste better!

Smallcakes – 1600 Frederica Road

When the whole cake is just a bit too much, a sweet cupcake from this shining star hits the spot. Smallcakes is our favorite cupcake spot and offers a wide variety of flavors, including ones you may not have thought of mixing that will satisfy any sweet tooth!

Barbara Jean’s – 214 Mallery Street

Our Southern mamas always taught us that the best way to let your stomach know the meal is complete is with a sweet treat, and the Chocolate Stuff at Barbara Jean’s will end your meal with a delicious bang! Topped with homemade whipped cream, this tasty treat tastes like a dream!

St. Simons Sweets – 229 Mallery Street

The art of fudge making has become a thing of the past everywhere but here at St. Simons Sweets! Using recipes that have been passed down in the owner’s family for decades, you’re not going to want to share your peanut butter bliss with anyone, so be sure to buy some extra for those late-night cravings!

Vacation Adventures Have Never Been This Sweet!

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