Top Things to Do in Pier Village

One of the many great things about a St. Simons Island vacation is how easy it is to custom-design a trip that meets all your needs. Do you want a lazy getaway spent hanging out the beach, shopping at cute shops, and dining at cozy restaurants? You can do that! Sleep late every morning in your luxury SSI Rentals vacation home, live in your swimsuit, and recharge your personal batteries; you’ll feel the better for it when it’s time to return home.

Are you the type of person who feels their vacation is wasted if they don’t experience every single event, tourist attraction, and activity available at your chosen vacation destination? No problem! St. Simons Island is the perfect place to spend your seven days of adventure time, and Pier Village, the heart of St. Simons, is one area you will find yourself spending much of your time!

St. Simons Island Pier

Fishermen and women will love fishing from the pier and will find tables and hoses along the way designed for preparing their bait or cleaning their catch. If you’re visiting during December through March, the pier is a fantastic place to whale watch as the massive mammals migrate from the northeast to the southeast. Dolphin watching is another popular year-round activity from the pier—don’t forget your camera!


Fine dining enthusiasts will be thrilled at the opportunity to dine at Georgia Sea Grill, a charming Pier Village restaurant which offers some of the best seafood on the island. Located at 407 Mallery Street, the atmosphere is intimate, the wine is smooth, and the chef is world renowned! For those of you who prefer a more casual dining experience, Iguanas is just a few doors away, located at 303 Mallery Street, and is famous for its seafood specialties! The blue crab cakes are our favorites, but we have yet to have a meal that is less than divine here.


Shopping in Pier Village is one of our favorite pastimes, and we live here year-round, so you can imagine how wonderful it can be! Whether you’re looking for unique souvenirs at Treasures by the Sea (their color changing tee shirts are our recommendation!), you need something to read from Beachview Books, or are looking for a shiny bauble for yourself at Golden Isles Bracelet Company, Pier Village has a store that holds exactly what you need!

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St. Simons Island is the perfect vacation spot for every vacation style, and our vacation homes can make your great vacation become the trip of a lifetime!