What is the Best Trending Vacation Spot?

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St. Simons Island is a vacation enclave.  This beautiful island rests among Georgia’s Golden Isles, a landmark with its 10,000 acres of sustainable land. Despite the large land area, it’s exclusive; there’s a limit on the guest amount where you won’t be overrun. Why do we tell you all this? Well because St. Simons Island is an excellent President’s Day getaway.

Who Says It’s Great?

Let’s put its merit in the forefront, Little St. Simons Island won number 1 Resort by Conde Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Award 2007 and “Gold List” in 2013 by Conde Nast Traveler; an acclaim awarded by both guests and the experts. This isn’t a Motel 6 hiding behind big words, it’s a curated experience.

What Makes St. Simon’s Deserve Such Recognition?

St. Simons culture is what makes it stand out. As mentioned, it has 10,000 acres, so there’s a lot of land to explore. Being on St Simons, even among a community, can be a very personal experience.  The acres of land are wild, meaning you will see the forest teeming with life, allowing you a restorative connection with the earth. There’s no artifice, the environment truly is spectacular.

Is this a President’s worthy adventure?

We think so! First off, the St. Simons experience is all inclusive; you get the best of food and drink prepared for you. This food will go a long way in energizing you for the extensive list of outdoor activities at St Simons, including boating, canoeing, hiking, cycling, interpretive tours, fishing, and swimming. Many of these events are conducted by the skilled naturalists of St. Simons – individuals who are experts in the life which is found across St. Simon’s land.  If you adventure with them, you’ll pick up some helpful knowledge and have unique memories.

How Did it All Begin?

Originally, St. Simons Island was called “a forest in the sea”, an island with a personality of its own, but little was done with it until the late 1700s. At this point, the island was taken and used as a plantation, until valuable cedar was discovered and purchased by the Eagle Pencil Company. Interestingly enough, cedar production never took place, and the man who bought the island began the trend we see today, of taking his friends and family there as a retreat.

Is It For You?

We at SSI Rentals are dedicated to the best vacations, and not enough can be said about the wonderful experience of St Simons. If anything above piqued your interested, you may want to book your stay soon!